Doing Your Part

We are bringing this to your attention because we have a level of disconnect from our current students . . . easily fixable,  yet has to be recognized first,  from the ones who are partaking in this type of behavior,  before true change can happen . . .  Stop standing on the sidelines,  and get into the game already !  Time waits for no man.

So let’s get into it . . .  There are a few parts to this equation . . .  Them being . . .

  1. Your word

  2. Push 

  3. Picking Up

  4. Failure

  5. Practice

  6. Success 

Live UP ⇑ to Your Word  ~  Say what you mean,  do what you say !  Period.  The best way you know how,  and with all you have !  This as you can feel is a great start on something that most likely will be profitable to all involved . . .  trust, that this is a righteous start to everything !   *  or lack thereof  –  get rid of that type of running;  not conducive to any type of winning culture at all.

Push yourself first  &  foremost  ~  THEN,  others . . .  always in that order !  How can you ask all of someone else if you have not put the effort in yourself ?  you know deep down the answer to that question . . .  you can’t !  Nuff Said !

The Picking Up ⇑ of others around you  ~  without your Leadership they might not be able to keep up.  Therefore it’s your duty to make sure they are keeping up,  and if not,  fall back and bring them back to the front of the preverbal line with you.  Every time,  Always !  Thats a necessary duty . . .  never forget this fact !

  Failure  ~  Is a necessary tool / test . . .  it’s how one responds to it that makes all the differences out here in this thing called life.  Nothing will be easy,  if it is,  most likely it’s all wrong . . .  therefore Redo !  How does a person do that . . . ?  Easy . . .

Practice  ~  You have heard the saying . . .  ” Practice makes perfect ”  Right ?  Where do you think this type of thought evolved from ?  Probably through varying levels of some type of failure.  ”  All good things come out of practicing right,  go hard at it,  never half step it  ”      Coach Sojo     #pticeright

Success  ~  You and all around you will recognize when this part hits . . .   it will become crystal clear for all to see simply because you went through some if not all these steps above ⇑


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