God’s Work

For the Lord is Good, and shall be forevermore.

Through Christ,  we shall spread this Good Word to all.

He asks this deed of us,  so shall it be done.

Sojo’s mission and vision are really quite simple.  Vital basketball teachings have been handed down throughout the Sojourner family for generations now,  and in the attempt to continue the traditions of old and  passing the wealth of knowledge onto the next of kin ( Sojo’s own children as well as his students ) we here at Sojo’s are dedicated to preserving that way of life,  just the way the Good Book asks us to do,  and above all else,  the way the Good Lord asks this type of behavior out of all His children . . .   young and old.

He asks us to share…  we shall

He asks us to love others as we love ourselves…  we shall

He asks us to Honor only Him…  we shall


For we shall set the example,  for through His Grace,  may it please Him… 

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