Program Breakdown

~   Breakdown of the 3C’s  Clinics / Classes / Camps   ~


In order for a student to be eligible to participate in Sojo’s Foundation Classes; 

Students must be finished with Beginner Level 1 & 2,  have completed one (1) of the 3 specialized camps, as well as starting an Intermediate Level clinic 

– Badges earned in a Players Profile –

– Sojo’s color coded logo custom made T-shirt acquired after completion of a tiered level – 


~   White   ~

Beginner Level Completion 

 ~   Blue   ~

Intermediate Level Completion   Texas Area Competition Bound

 ~   Orange   ~

Advanced Level Completion  U.S.A. Travel Team Competition Bound

 ~   Black   ~

Coach/Mentor/Instructor Level Completion International Competition Select Travel Team Bound


When you think of Sojo’s Foundation for your basketball needs,  one needs to think incentive based.  We have a color coded tier system which reflects the amount of work/growth,  as well as,  one’s ascension through our ranks and beyond.  This not only depends on individual students’ will to grab ideas and concepts quickly,  but also,  upon their own work ethic and determination . . .  ie;  personal incentive / drive

B-Ball is life . . .

”  Basketball is an individualistic sport,

 played within a team concept . . .  “

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