TOO Awesome for the Lights Award . . .

1st award . . .   August 14th,  2019

Goes to  Dallas Wings Center  # 34  Imani McGee Stafford



Imani McGee Stafford & Natalya Zaina Sojourner

Game recap . . .  Los Angeles Sparks  vs.  our  Dallas Wings

This was an entertaining evening through and through.  From,  Sojo’s Foundation,  Inc.  being a part of the promotional night put on by the promotion squad over at Wing Headquarters,  to experiencing the game that was.  Recovery night was a huge success in my humble opinion.  From just sitting and mingling with folks who might not have been there otherwise,  without a doubt going to have to say we ALL had a blast.  The crowd as a whole was electric,  and to top it off the game was one hell of a game.  All kinds of drama from a professional game one would want from beginning to end…  with the home team jumping out to a huge lead early on only to be put through the ringer,  and found themselves in a hole later on,  in this contest.  Then fight valiantly ( as one whole working unit )  and pull off a heck of a dog fight,  late.  One such as myself like so many on hand,  bore witness,  to the overall hustle of the young ladies,  we indulged ourselves to outstanding work ethics  a.k.a.  hustle,  early and often sparked by Dallas’s own young star Allisha Grey.  Her overall energy was equaled by all of her teammates all throughout the evening,  but not right before her two impressive offensive rebounds in one offensive stand early,  making for an unforgettable night of ladies hoops!

How so you might ask . . . ?  With the absence of key players in ( Diggins – Smith ~ Thornton ~ Anigwe )  all the wing(ed) gals were flying around the court literally . . .  don’t believe me ~  See Imani McGee – Stafford’s absolutely beautiful finger-roll from 7 feet out  ~   ohh wait . . .  you won’t be seeing that move on Sports Center,  but you should have.  Arike Ogunbowle had the night of her young life on the court ( with many more to come,  no doubt about it )  but it’s to be expected ( see old Notre Dame games if you doubt me ) from her by now,  but true flight was taken by the graceful # 34 on that one disgraceful charge call . . .  ( could we do away with the charge call already . . .  maybe get back to playing real basketball again  !?! )  She took flight on that play and then again with so many fans afterward,  who were part recovery night and where her story means ( Real ) Wings  to so many people dealing with real life issues,  much bigger than sports.  

The Wings;  in beating L.A.  did much more than snap Lala land’s winning streak,  which helped in prompting Coach D Fish’s ejection,  yes,  much more . . . they showed an entire arena that even through adversity ( see suspensions or real life scenarios ~ Abuse / Addictions even Child Birth )  whatever life can throw at a person,  it’s through support from a whole support group ( see entire Dallas team last night,  here )  that a person shall and will succeed !  You just need a little  up-lifting  from people who are all in for the cause.  A game like last night are the true reasons why we watch and love our sport.  Long live B-Ball.  


B-Ball is Life . . .



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