About Sojo’s Foundation, Inc.


Sojo’s Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization, founded for the purpose of building a community of highly skilled athletes and well prepared young men and women, through mentorship and community involvement… And of course…


Sojo’s Foundation, Inc.’s,  Mission is to build a community of athletes whose focus is not only on learning the fundamentals of basketball, but excelling at those skills learned. All the while continuing to comprehend exactly just what motivates them, to achieve their dreams and how they can help others, achieve theirs as well. (think teammates)

Sojo’s Foundation, Inc. believes that all children, teens and young adults should have an opportunity to learn about how an athlete cares for their bodies and minds while having fun learning the fundamentals of basketball.

Sojo’s Foundation, Inc.’s, Founder and CEO, Isaac Sojourner, is of the strong belief that any and all young persons who happen to participate in sport, shall in fact, acquire the vital life lessons we so desperately need in all our lives.

“Basketball is an individualistic sport, played within a team concept…”  

Coach Sojo

Do you want to become the very best you can be, all the while knowing, that if you comprehend the very game around you… how great, you can be?

If so… we suggest y’all come check us out…

Before you do that though, take a moment and check out a bit of history that has been built before;  and along with you and many others, will continue on growing…

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Previous Foundation Beginnings/History



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