Community Involvement

Having a dream within the American dream model will always be a driving force in any youth’s life . . .  

Here at Sojo’s Foundation,  we are currently looking into bringing one of our dreams to the forefront of our own reality.  How might we realize a dream, perhaps might be a question you ask of us?  Glad you asked,  besides doing community type works in and around our communities,  ( think . . .  visiting nursing homes / soup kitchen work,  etc,  etc )  we are dreaming of having our own facility one day,  that would house all our hopes and aspriations !  All for the overall betterment of our students ( i.e.  our communities’ youth )  A safe place for our youth to grow,  independently and collectively.  What type of place you might ask next . . . ?  Well for starters we shall call it;




A place that would provide not only basketball at it finest ( think a multitude of courts, weight room,  fully functional kitchen,  spa ) but also have space to house classrooms and a multitude of sought after industries  ( barber shop,  media outlet,  business management classrooms,  health and wellness center,  etc,  etc )  that youth could benefit from.  Why would you want to have a facility such as that, you might ask lastly?  Simply put,  our youth,  would be the ones putting in the time to learn all kinds traits / skills that they eventually may become involved in,  as young adults and beyond.  i.e.  a life outside of basketball;  just in case they do not become a top flight talent,  at least then they would have another more meaningful career to fall back into.  Might as well learn those skills needed now,  when they are young.

Do you . . . ?  Know anyone wanting to help us achieve such a lofty goal?

Please reach out to us at;

Come help us achieve greatness together  . . . a.k.a.  Let’s do GOD’s work together for the little people who need their eyes opened like never before. 

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