Futures C.M.I. Program

We are currently seeking interested parents,  young adults,  retired professional ball players and youth alike,  to becoming the future faces of Sojo’s Foundation.  Have our founder and CEO teach you/inspire you into helping us reach our lofty goals of reaching our youth in a multitude of positive ways !  This program is just another way we would like you to come join us,  and be a part of a culture unlike any other.

Seeking . . .

C oaches

M entors

       I nstructors


Are you . . . ? 

A current student athlete,  an involved parent(s),  part time or current coach . . . ?

Might you be . . . ?

Interested in seeing the game differently ?  Interested in expanding your knowledge of the game,  so you have a better understanding of what it is to be a thinking man’s athlete ?  And/or becoming a more informed parent,             ( basketball wise that is ) or an even better coach ?

Then . . .

We are interested in you,  helping us,  help our students become better players !  As one of our CMI’s,  we believe together we shall be able to advance our noble causes . . . You will be able to become better at your passion,  whether it be coaching,  mentoring,  or instructing – all the while making our students better at what they need to do in their lives;  whether they go on to be super athletes,  or whatever positive spin they may bring to the table of life in the future.  

All of us together . . . will help shape this objective.  It’s a total win/win all the way around . . . so please come join us,  because in fact . . . we are looking for 

you !


” You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream “

 ~ Unknown ~


Please ALL interested young minds,  we implore you to inquire within . . . 

#sojosCMI   in the header of your e-mail inquiries


Thank  you . . .  Coach SoJo

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