Skills & Drills Camps                                            $ 130 per student ( 4days )


–  Consists of Three (3) Hours a day, for Four (4) days in a Row  ~

           There are Three (3) types of Camps offered

~  Group Play  ~   mixture of all positions together

~  Floor General/Wing Man  ~   Guard and Small Forward position teachings

~  Big Man  ~  Low post and High post position teachings

~  This is an intense version of  ( DPS )  consisting of game like drills, designed to vastly improve upon a students, ever evolving skill set during the first 3 days.  During the fourth day, there will be assessments made available to the individual student,  on their own skills acquired,  while they performed in a team setting.  Multiple mini game sets,  shall be your setting,  which will assist us in your assessment in determining these factors,  which we will be closely monitoring,  on the final day of the camp  ~

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